Friday, May 22, 2015

Yeongdeungpo Time Square

If you think Coex Mall is too far from Trick Eye Museum, how about Yeongdeungpo Time Square (영등포 타임스퀘어, Time Square for short form)? It is similar to Coex Mall except museum and aquarium, but definitely it is close to Hongdae! 

This building received Architecture Award from Seoul-shi, which is given to the gorgeous and beautiful architectures. One thing special about this building is the bridge in the middle, where you can clearly see the bottom while you cross the bridge. I crosses this bridge since I kinda don't want to walk all the way around to go the store across, but I always close my eyes and need to hold on my friends since it's so scary X_X

Of course there are many place to shop! Mostly it is branded stores, so price range is little higher than the ones from Hongdae. But it is also connected with Yeongdeungpo underground shopping center (영등포지하상가, Yeongdeungpo jiha sangga), where clothing is cheap so don't worry! And many more venues: 

It is located at line 1 (blue line) Yeongdeungpo Station. Since it is connected with the station, so you don't have to go outside. From Hongik Univ. Station, take line 2 (green line) and transfer to Line 1 at Sindorim Station. Then off at Yeongdeungpo Station.

Sometimes celebrities are coming to visit Time Square for stage greetings from theater, or events from venues! So you might see your favorite Korean stars when you're at Time Square :)

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