Friday, May 22, 2015

Namsangol Traditional Korean Village

See and feel the traditional Korean houses! These houses are called "Hanok" made with wood, roof times and stones. In Korea, you can still find some villages that are only made with Hanok or preserved Hanoks from the past. One of the place is called "Namsangol Traditional Korean Village (남산골한옥마을, Namsangol Hanok maeul).  

The area where this village is located at is very famous for summer vacation in Joseon Dynasty period, and also known as "Cheonghak-dong" because it was place where blue cranes lived in back then (cheong as Chinese character meaning blue, hak as crane). Even more, it was known for the best view in Hanyang, the capital of Korea during Joseon Dynasty.

Hanok is known for its beauty and neatness that was made very elaborately. 

And you can see Namsan Tower from the village! 

It is located at Euljiro 3-ga Station. So take line 2 (green line) at Hongik Univ. Station, then off at Euljiro 3-ga Station. Take exit 9 and walk straight, then you'll see this beautiful village. 

This village opens until 9pm, and personally I think it's much better during the evening so visit this place as you're in the area :) 

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