Friday, May 22, 2015

Coex Mall

Because summer is around, the weather is getting hot. People started to wear sleeveless, shorts, and sandals! But even though weather is giving you hard time to walk around, there are still places that you can fulfill your needs inside with nice air conditioning :P

This place is called Coex Mall (코엑스몰, Coex for short form). Pretty much it has everything such as theater (Megabox), bookstore (Bandi & Luni's), museum, shopping mall, and aquarium that all the landmarks must have!

Also many exhibitions and fairs are going on all year around such as Character Fair, Design Fair, etc. from exhibition hall.

The location of Coex Mall at line 2 (green line) Samsung Station. From Hongik Univ. Station, take line 2 and get off at Samsung Station. You don't need to transfer so it's very easy to get here. And take exit 6 at Samsung Station.

Entertain yourself at one-stop and try to see the fair if the time period allows :)

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