Thursday, May 28, 2015

Milky Way Cafe

You can meet love in front of the Milky Way Cafe~ For those of K-Pop lovers! Pay attention to this posting :) Have you heard the song by 10cm called "Love in the Milky Way Cafe" (사랑은 은하수다방에서, sarangeun eunhasu dabangeseo)? This Milky Way Cafe actually existing in Hongdae! 

This cafe was also featured in MBC's famous show "Infinite Challenge" (무한도전, muhan dojeon) when Haha and 10cm were collaborating to create a song. Also 10cm put the name of cafe in the song because they usually work on their songs in cafes of Hongdae. 

The full name of this cafe is "Milky Way Cafe on the Montmarte" (몽마르뜨 언덕 위 은하수다방, Montmarte eondeok ui eunhasu dabang). And from their Korean name, dabang (다방) is old form of cafes in Korea, but it is more like tea house. Now original dabang is kind of hard to find in urban area, but easily can be found in countryside; and still loved by senior citizens. 

It's their menu, the design is like old-fashioned notebook cover for children. I actually used those type of designed notebooks when I went to elementary school in Korea around mid 90s (my age is revealed*_*). 

The interior includes with wooden walls. Normally the houses and buildings in Korea are made with cements and bricks, so it's somewhat hard to find the wooden walls. 

But also one of the side of cafe does have walls made with bricks and cements! 

They do have yummy foods so check this place while you're in the area :)

Location is not far from Trick Eye Museum, it's in between Hapjeong Station (line 2, green line) and Sangsu Station (line 6, brown line). It's walking distance, but in these hot weather, I would prefer to take at least some type of transportation X_x

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