Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kumi Yamashita

Under the sun, you can clearly see your shadow. But do you know the form of shadow can be an art too? This artist, Kumi Yamashita, makes sculptures using lights and shadow in some amazing way then create the shadow somewhat artificially. 

On her project of Light & Shadow, she set up either single or multiple objects and add a single light source. The main thing of this artwork is that it's hard to imagine that "this type of shadow" is formed by "this object". Even I couldn't imagine that the face of man will appear from those numbers and letters. 

A girl is sitting on the shelf! But how?

This is another work of her, man sitting on the chair. On left, you can see the work from different direction; the sculpture looks chair from the side but it does have the different shape from other direction. 

She is very active artist and have some other projects all over the world, so if time is available, try to see her works in live :)

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