Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Castle Praha

Came to Hongdae area and don't know where to go and have some drink with your friends or families or even with your loved one? Well, I'm here for you to introduce this place! 

It's Castle Praha, where has amazing exterior and interior. Especially inside of the building, it really feels like I'm actually having a drink at a bar from Praha (Prague). 

This is the view of during the daylight, but I'm sure you'll fall in love with it during the evening/night! It's much more prettier! 

Dark beer from Czech Republic called dunkel! It's known for its rich froth just like cream , and caramel scent :)  

And sausages for appetizers :) But I personally recommend only this one but you might have different taste so.. oh well. 

Also the building itself is built as having architecture style of Prague, so you can feel the Prague right in the middle of Hongdae!! Yay!

It is located right in between Hapjeong Station (line 2, green line) and Sangsu Station (line 6, brown line). It's actually walking distance but you can also take subway from Hongik Univ. Station, but personally I prefer to either walk or take taxi since it won't cost too much.

*Images are from the blog posting related to Castle Praha. Please contact us if there's any copyright issue. 

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