Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jamie Harkins

Have you ever drawn or written something down on the sand with some sticks or your finger while you are at the beach? Well.. I have. I usually built some sandcastles and write my name on the sands when I was little (but I still write my name on the sand when I go to beach :P). But with this experience from childhood or even today, you will find that our work is just a doodle if you see the work of this artist. 

This creative artist named Jamie Harkins uses anamorphic technique where you can only see the drawing on certain spot to see them as 3-dimensional. But this technique is hard to express since the artist themselves need to calculate mathematically while drawing an object. 

The reason why he started to create this type of art is he wanted to have something new and add some 3-dimensional impact because he thought the beach seemed quite boring because of its calmness. And for each of his work, people posed within the work which makes the drawing more realistic. So see more of his works below: 

My favorite! *_*

It's some random things but famous Leonardo da Vinch also was influenced by anamorphic technique and you can see some of 3-dimensional effect from his works :) It's really amazing that the art techniques is transferred over generations and sometimes it is modified or remained the same.. art is so amazing! :)

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