Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Benjamin Heine

Do you like to doodle? Or maybe add something more vibrant into your drawing? This series of art is very simple, but shows the imagination can create almost everything! These are created by a Belgium artist named Benjamin 'Ben' Heine with a concept of drawing the imagination on photography. 

His works are divided into two concepts: pencil&camera and digital camera. I'll only talk about his concept of pencil&camera, which was created by him since 2010 where digital and analog works meet together. 

These are very creative and marvelous because his works are very interesting how he expressed his imagination, also the topic of each works are very clear to see it. Check out some of his representative works: 

Now this technique became more popular and there are apps that you can have similar effect when you take a picture of scenery or even selfie - I actually tried it and I thought it was very fresh idea of taking photo. And try to match up your doodle with the environment; you'll probably make another creative world of art.  

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