Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hongdae playground

I mentioned about Hongdae playground (shorten from Hongik children's playground or 홍대놀이터, Hongdae noliteo) before for Freemarket and street performances. But I actually never really talked about what is so special about this place. Hongdae playground is one of Hongdae area's speciality - it started as children's playground long long time ago but now it can be seen as a meeting point since so called "Hongdae people" gathers at this playground. 

This place is a space for many artists; so time to time, you can see performing arts and concerts. Just like the photo above, there is an street art performance

... and a magician shows his magic tricks

... and at nights, you can see the amazing songs performed by musicians. 

Where are all these people come from? It looks crowded but isn't it look people are enjoying and having fun? Feel this excitement! Yay!

The wall of playground is decorated with colorful graffiti, street dancers are showing off their dances, and a photographer who captures the moment... what a collaboration of music, art, and photography!

To find the location of the playground, please refer to our posting of Hongdae Freemarket (click to transfer to the posting), where you can find the map. This place is great for all day, but if you want to see the concerts, it's mainly at the evening and nights. There are many street foods on your way, so you won't feel hungry! I'll be back with more place tomorrow so please keep checking our blog :)

*Images are from the blog posting related to Hongdae playground. Please contact us if there's any copyright issue. 

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