Thursday, May 21, 2015


In the frame, a fantasy space in pink shade with full blossom which looks like a part of fairy tale. Three individuals - inside and outside of the frame - gazes at the person who's viewing the this photo as they scatters the cherry blossom flowers. 

How was it? Didn't you felt a bit puzzled? If you continue to staring at the picture for a while, you'll get a light bulb in your head and get what this picture actually is. I'll talk about ELLA & PITR, French graffiti group artist. 

They setup 3-dimensional frame using hidden spaces, and actual person steps into the frame then become a part of the image. This is similar to the concept of Trick Eye Museum, where visitors interactive with the 2-dimensional images to become 3-dimensional!

Scattered flower, a man cleaning blowing trashes, children playing hide-and-seek, a child fluttering her feet after breaking a dish, long doodles on the wall - this group of artists did great job on capturing moving moments while everything is going along quickly. Take a look at more of their works:

Just like their works, if you want to be part of the scene, Trick Eye Museum is there for you! Interactive with the 2D images, and become part of 3D moments! 

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