Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Art toy design experience

Have you heard about our education programs? Trick Eye Museum has some educational program for all ages! One of the program is "Art toy design experience". 

When you come visit us, cute porcelain toy named Trinny and Eyenny will welcome you at ticket booth. These are couples of Trinnys and Eyennys decorated in traditional clothing of different country. To have this experience with your loved ones, the price of this experience is originally 8,000 KRW, but we offer it as 5,000 KRW for our visitors! 

Art toys are hidden all over the museum! Isn't it cute how Trinny and Eyenny are turned into different famous characters? Then let's make and design some my own art toy!

Choose a porcelain toy first: you can choose either Trinny (male toy) or Eyenny (female toy). I personally like Trinny because Trinny doesn't have hair lines on head section :P

Then you use color markers to draw on the porcelain toy. But what if you don't have talents on art? Don't worry! We have many toy design samples which is easy to draw with, and correction fluid is also offered so it's easy to make changes with cotton buds. 

So there is infinite ways to transform pure-white Trinny and Eyenny! You may make these with your children and take it as souvenirs or how about draw your loved one's face on it? This experience is for all ages, so try it out when you're at Trick Eye Museum and have one and only toy just for you :)

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