Thursday, May 21, 2015

Felice Varini

This mystique and extraordinary is created by a contemporary artist named Felice Varini from Switzerland. His works uses visual optical illusions in 3-dimensional space, and the way he work is very unique: he only uses something called projection and stencil for last 30 years since 1979, and he still creates his art pieces in same method. Also he uses a technique called anamorphic - makes an object look different by which angle you sees it - and shows 2-dimensional point of view in 3-dimensional space. 

It seems that a square frame is installed with blue colored iron bands, 

... but as you change the direction, the side of square frame is scattered in all directions. 

I probably will fall in love if an art gallery has these type of work on their gallery!

It looks like old temple or maybe a palace, and it seemed that the place is decorated with red cellophane papers. And the pattern of floor is similar to the red square patters, so probably Felice Varini intended to have this effect? It feels like the art it is very simple but I'm trying to solve hidden puzzle :'(

And more of his marvelous works: 

The scale of his works are very huge, and he also works on big projects for long time where his works are installed in the urban spaces. 

I kind of want to visit those places after I've seen his works. Maybe sometime in future? I'll be back with more amazing arts to share :)

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