Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hongik University

Hongdae is a short form of Hongik University (Hongik Daehakgyo, 홍익대학교), but it seemed people comes this "Hongdae" area but never plan to visit the actual campus. Hongik University is famous for their art department, and I believe their department is one of top in Korea. Maybe because of that, Hongik University has a charming campus especially with full of artistic senses. 

In of Hongik University, there's a little lake (probably pond maybe) inside the thicket in the center of campus. You can see beautiful flowers during spring, fresh and cool breeze in the ticket during summer, autumn leaves during fall, and peaceful snow scenery during winter. 

This is Hongik University's main entrance called "Hong moon gwan" which is known for largest campus main entrance in the world. It is included with different types of restaurants, art supply store, photo studio, convenient store, etc. Also galleries with exhibitions and theaters are ready for you to get in touch with all forms of art!  

Because of it's with Korean famous art department, many art works are exhibited regularly. It feels very pleasant by encountering these unique and fresh art works as you walk around the campus. 

The campus is connected with Wawusan (와우산, Mt. Wawu), so you can also follow the trail of Wawusan. How about taking a walk with your loved one in Hongik University and Wawusan? And don't forget that Trick Eye Museum is always waiting for you when you're in this area :)  

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