Friday, May 29, 2015

Alex Queral

What do you do with last year's phone book? Or maybe just old phone book in general? Because people are getting new number all the times, so if passed one year, the phone book becomes completely useless. This artist named Alex Queral uses old phone books to make sculptures. But wait, sculptures with phone book? I wasn't really getting it because I had a stereotype of sculptures should be made with either wood, stones, etc.

Alex Queral was looking for some woods for his works but he found whole stack of abandoned old phone books by chance. That's how he started to working on phone book art. 

You may not noticed, but check out the alphabets on upper right corner! Did you noticed that it matches with the person's name? :P And more of his works:

Not only he makes monotone arts, he also have color arts! Same concept and same materials, but added in some vibrant colors :)
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