Friday, May 29, 2015

Erika Iris Simmons

Because of the evolving of technology, the method of delivering music has been changed throughout the the time. Now we use our mp3 device or phone to listen the songs we love, but in old times, we mainly used CD, cassette tapes, record disks, etc. 

The artist named Erika Iris Simmons (Iri5) uses cassette tapes to become an art work by adding in her artistic value and imagination. She creates portraits of famous people with this method; see more of her works listed below:

If you know how cassette tape works, you probably would know that it's hard to takeout those black tapes neatly. I remember that I sometimes put in pencil into the hole of cassette tape if it became loose :) So how about finding a cassette tape that is in your storage and make them into the art? It would be great!! :)

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