Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Aakash Nihalani

Do you know what optical art is? Optical art is a part of visual art which uses optical illusion to have visual effects, and you don't see the art work as it is but with its surroundings to see its effect. This type of art work makes an ordinary scenery beautiful and special. So when someone encountered with these art works, it makes them very pleasant.  

The art works below is made by an Indian artist named Aakash Nihalani who is currently active in New York. Mainly he uses the tapes and wood plates to make an optical effect. Because it only pastes tapes on the walls and floors, it may look very easy to create them but you may find the artist's idea and humor in every piece of his art work. Also it makes the surrounding very fresh and pleasant in comparison with the spending time of its creation.

The model in this photo is Aakash Nihalani, who made all these art works! And here are more photos of his works: 

Aakash Nihalani makes us to see the city in different point of view using basic shapes and color. In particular to his taping works in the nature, it shows the process of an unique mutual relation in nature of roundness with the shape of straight lines

Which 3D art works are waiting for next? I can't wait to see them! Until next time, au revoir! 

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