Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Liu Bolin

Have you ever imagined to become an invisible man? I believe everyone have at least once since I had imagined when I was little. Well, there's a painting performance artist who actually practiced becoming an invisible man - Liu Bolin. 

Liu Bolin talks about the consumption culture and absence of individual of Chinese modern society as painting performances. Every social man keeps two social compact: rights and duties. These two are in complementary cooperation, so the balance between this two is most important out of anything. But when it loses its balance, the individual just fell low as to become a tool of society. It's kind of complicated thing to talk about, but just remember that rights and duties are important for social man and it has to be in balanced - the issue from Chinese society today. Anyways, let's check out some of his works below:

The word in this image is one of representative slogan of China: One world, one dream. But in with this high goal of being one world and having one dream, it's tend to be be absent and ignored in society, demand silence for individuals and minorities. 

This slogan here in bus stop is another slogan of China. It's theme is 'show Beijing spirit' to be easy to say. The word is said: patriotism, recreate, tolerance and liberality. The most important thing in Beijing, the capital of China, is "patriotism" no matter what anyone says. Second important thing is "recreate", which is out with the old and in with the new. It's little bitter that tolerance and virtue is not important as patriotism and recreate. So Liu Bolin does these painting performances to criticize the society.

It was somewhat hard and complicated topic because its theme is criticizing the society, but I'm sure his works are still amazing. I'll soon make a posting about another artist with brighter theme so please bare with us!

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