Thursday, June 11, 2015

Photo-taking tips @ Trick Eye Museum

Why the 3D photo samples turns out to be too good to be true?

**Here are tips which will help you take a perfect 3D artwork - just like a professional.**

1. Find the “Photo Point” - In Trick Eye Museum, there is a “Photo Point”for each artwork which helps youto find the right direction to take a photo

2. The camera's focus and distance -Try to hold the camera and slowly move it up and down or right and left to find the perfect angle to take the photo.

3. Don’t be shy to show the expression - The expression makes the 3D artwork looks more realistic. Don’t be shy! Just feel it and show it. You will be surprised how wonderful it is.

4. Try to rotate the photo - Do not wonder about how people are hanging down from the top! Just take a photo in normal direction and then rotate, and take a look again!

All credit & original content : / Location : Trickeye Musuem Singapore RWS

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