Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Seoul Art Space

The weather these days are getting warmer and warmer. But it's still before summer with all those sticky humidity, and we still can feel those nice cool breeze. Isn't this a good time for a walk?

Today, I'll introduce an art place called "Seoul Art Space" a.k.a. 서교예술실험센터 (Seogyo yesul silheom center, Seogyo art experiment center). 

Seoul Art Space used to be Seogyo-dong administration office in Mapo-gu, but Seogyo-dong office was emptied out after the merge of administration office in 2009. Seoul Art Space receives trust administration from Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, and develop as quenching the 'art thirst' to public by becoming center of network that connects the cultural ecosystem.

Just like their Korean name 서교예술실험센터, which is literally translated as Seogyo art experiment center, this place experiments many different types of arts as well as exhibiting various concepts of arts regularly. Also the the drinks from small cafe in first floor, it's FREE - as self-service!

They also have little classes such as making book (book binding), ukulele, etc. So have this in your mind, and isn't this a great idea that you take classes while in this art space?

Ok, to talk little more about Seoul Art Space - they run the business to reconstruct ruined venues such as closed factory, emptied venue underground shopping center, government office building, etc. So their series of business contributes the community by setting a goal of having these places to become art cultural space which everyone can enjoy and tearing down a wall of art culture.

To refresh your breath! They also have charming rooftop equipped on top of their building. In the rooftop, there are many on-going events which changes all the time such as film festival with camping, concerts, etc.

Seoul Art Space is very close to our Trick Eye Museum, not even 5 minute walk (of course it's differ by how fast you walk :P). So check out the map above: as you get out from TEM, turn right and walk straight then turn right from first street on your right. Walk then turn left on first street of your left, then voila! You reached to Seoul Art Space! But I'll leave their address and hours just in case you plan to visit.

Address: 33, Jandari-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

I'll be back with more place to share around TEM so keep support us and our blog!

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