Friday, May 8, 2015

Hongdae Sangsang Madang

It's Friday afternoon in Korea and Hongdae area is getting crowded because everywhere in Hongdae area, there are full of things to see, eat, and have fun! 

One of place I'll talk about today is KT&G Sangsang Madang (상상마당, literally: Sangsang garden). It is a multi-culture complex that provides movie theater, live hall for concert, gallery, academy, studio, cafe and art shops with great amount of design/art products. 

The entrance of Sangsang Madang. Somewhat creative looking building from outside.

Located in basement floor (B4), where you can see the indie films and all the hidden film works you'd never seen from the theater. 

Art shop with bunch of creative products in first floor. Because of this, I get to spend all my money from it! :P

And the place to read books in different contents.

Or the art gallery! This image is the exhibit from a while ago. But can you see that little photo right next to the frame? That's a photo of a baby sleeping. Isn't it such a joyful art work where the artist described the baby as a sleeping animal?

The location of Sangsang Madang is shown in the map below:

Address: 65 Eoulmadang-ro (367-5 Seogyo-dong), Mapo-gu, Seoul
Hours: 12-11pm

It's about 10 min walk from Trick Eye Museum, but it doesn't mean that it's that far - because of all those shopping and food places, it takes about that long until you reach at Sangsang Madang from Trick Eye Museum.

Personally, I would say that Sangsang Madang is good for friends but also for the family. Parents are watch film together and children are reading the books, then at lastly, buy souvenir from art shop :)

I'll keep post more places of the area around our museum to show you around of this area. Until then, have great weekend!

*Images are from the blog posting related to Sangsang Madang. Please contact us if there's any copyright issue. 

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