Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hongdae Picasso Street

In Korea, Hongdae (홍대, short form in Korean for Hongik University) is famous for their art department and ability of their students. So Hongdae area is known for place full of art and youth and these environmental influenced the students who studies art to create their own paintings over street. From mural to graffiti, all of the paintings are amazing as it is, but made the street to be stand out. And this place is called "Hongdae Picasso Street" (홍대 피카소거리, Hongdae Picasso geori)!

Here are some of the paintings:

It's located right next to the Children's Playground that I've introduced you last time, but not every paintings are located in the same area! You have to walk around the alleys to find all these paintings for the negative side of this area. 

But if you're in the area on sunny days, take a camera and have little tour around the alleys. It can be a treasure hunt for the day of your life :)

*Images are from the blog posting related to Picasso Street. Please contact us if there's any copyright issue. 


  1. Hi ! I have just receive your comment on my blog, you can certainly share those photos. Thank You :)

    1. Thank you Eunice! We'll definitely share your photos from Trick Eye Museum :)