Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hongdae street performance


10cm, Yozoh, Busker Busker and Jane Jang!

Do you know what do they have in common? ...Yes! They're famous Korean singer/band started as independent singer/band whom usually performed their music in the street before they signed with the agency.

There's still many independent musicians who performs their talents in Hongdae area, and this became one of Hongdae street culture.These performances are not only limited to singing and playing instruments but also dancing, magic performance, comedy, etc.

It used to be a small scaled performance only in Hongdae playground area, but now you can find them everywhere around Hongdae: playground area, near Hongdae station, alley of Coffee Prince, Picasso Street, etc. FIY, checked mark on the map shows places that has most performances.And one of unique point is you can enjoy these performance regardless of time and place!

So let's check out some of performance pictures.

Come and check out these full of youth and vitality from street artists!

And of course, don't forget to check out Trick Eye Museum when you're in the area. We're open for everyone who visits Hongdae for your enjoyment :)

*Images are from the blog posting related to street perfomances. Please contact us if there's any copyright issue. 

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