Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hongdae Freemarket

It's almost May, but it really feels like summer in Korea. The day temperature has been increased last few days and has huge daily temperature range so I'm having hard time what to wear everyday. Of course, this is like a daily basis issue for every single day.

But with the warm sunshine and cool spring breezes, this weather is perfect for walk around Trick Eye Museum - Hongdae area. There are many good and interesting places in Hongdae for shopping, food, entertain, etc. so I'll introduce around this area time to time through this blog.

The first place that I'll introduce to you is Hongdae's Freemarket (홍대프리마켓, but be careful - things from market are not free). You can see this place as one of the 'flea market'.

It is located on Hongik Children's Playground next to the main entrance of Hongik University. Also it's really close by our museum, about 3-5 min by walking!

Freemarket opens in every Saturdays 1-6pm on March through November. But seemed like recently they're also opening on Sundays 1-6pm, except when it's raining.

In Freemarket, many people, especially artists, participates to sell their items (mostly handmade) and people can purchase various items for example: accessories, post cards, paintings, miscellaneous goods, etc. These items are cute, lovable, unique and cheap! Let's check out some of the items from Freemarket! 

A section of illustration by artist named 2jel :) 

New and used books. Upgrade your knowledge through these books!

Cute handmade felt material accessories.

Unique fashion items for your wardrobe.

Handmade notebooks and bookmarks.

Similar to ugly dolls maybe? Rag dolls. 

These are custom-made sneakers! 

And many more!

Sometimes there are little concerts in playground. These concerts are a charm of Hongdae where you can enjoy those fine street music. 

These are all for now! So check this place out when you're in Hongdae area during the weekend. You'll find some great weekend deals :)

*Images are from the blog posting related to Freemarket. Please contact us if there's any copyright issue. 

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