Monday, February 6, 2017

Coin Karaoke

Welcome to Hongdae in 2017

We would like to introduce the new trend, new activity in Hongdae these day, which is Coin Karaoke !. Actually Karaoke or Norae bang ( in Korean) is not a new thing. 
It's a popular activity for Korean among friends and co-workers. 
Why now its a thing! because the old style is back ! 
Now you can find Coin Karaoke every corners !!

Today we will introduce some of Coin Karaoke which is in Hongdae and near Trick Eye Museum.

First is 24 hours IntroS Coin Karaoke
IntroS provides many type of the room.1-2 person / 1-2 person voice record room, Re-fiil beverage

How to get there 

The Second is Awesome Karaoke 
The service is almost the same as IntroS 

How to get there 

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