Friday, December 9, 2016

Trickeye's new neighbour@Hongdae - Kakao Friends

What is new in Hongdae nowadays? 
I guess it will be a Kakao Friends' flagship store opened 2 weeks ago in Hongdae.

If you have ever traveled over Korea, you might notice Kakao Talk is the most used and popular apps/items in Korea, and their characters can be seen every corner of Korea. From that, it may tell how much people are fond of Kakao in Korea.

The newly opened Kakao Friends' flagship store has three floors including an exhibition hall and cafe on 3/F. 

Shopping is not only thing you can do in this flagship store. You know why?  It is because here are many life-size Kakao's characters located at different corner in the store, so that you can get them and take photos. It may take you a quit time to get all of them ^^

Moreover, as Christmas is coming soon, you can find lots of Christmas edition items which can be only obtained at this store. Like this Christmas Ryan ~ Hot item!!

How to get here? Right in front of Exit 8 at Hongik University Stn.

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