Friday, December 2, 2016

Garlic Rice Cake ( 마늘 떡볶이 ttokboki)

If you are a garlic-lover, here is a Korean rice cake (Tteobokki 떡볶이) restaurant you should try named Real 미스테리 = Real Mystery.

In this restaurant, there is one must-eat food you should order ~ a garlic rice cake with a
huge amount of mashed garlic, so the depth of garlic flavor is absolutely enough for the garlic-lover. Moreover, there are two sizes of the garlic rice cake you can choose, normal one as other restaurant, another is much longer size like a rice cake noodle.

If you feel tired of just eating the garlic rice cake only, there are others menu for you. They are kimbap, fried-snack, pork chop and Korean blood sausage. Your tongue may get a
surprise by those snacks.

How to get here?

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