Friday, November 11, 2016

Street Food@Hongdea’s Alley

How many kinds of Korean street food do you know? Answer may be Kimbap, tteokbokki(spicy rice cake), soondae(Korean blood sausage), and fried snacks…..which are all traditional food.

Today, I’m going to introduce to you an non-traditional Korean street food at Hongdea. 
Here is a street food alley located just right next to Trick Eye Museum’s entrance. 
I actually name  it all-in-one alley. You know why? Since here are various stores at the alley like accessories, clothes and hang-bag shops, restaurants, and food stalls. You can find almost of what you need here.

And here is definitely a paradise for a foodie since a lot of tasty and creative street food can be found here.
You might have visited here before, but let me remind you, the speed of store’s turnover at this alley is faster than our thought. Therefore, surely here is a new surprise waiting for you every month.

Let me show what kinds of street food are there at this moment which may be different from what you saw or searched form internet.

Steak-cube (steak on the top and drink at the bottom, so you can enjoy it while walking)

spicy popcron chicken 

Donuts and Drinks  
(Recommend you to try Korean style coffee, it may be too sweet to you, probably not your type, but it is surly a great experience in Korea)

 Waffle (with different flavor of cream/ jam)

Ice-cream crepe 

Hot dog in Korean way 

Skewered – beef, chicken, octopus and so on…..

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