Friday, November 18, 2016

Korean Sweet Pancake (호떡 Hotteok)

Woohoo! Winter is here finally! The sentence you will most hear during the winter is “ah~chuwo (추워)”which means “very cold’. 

And the snack Korean will have the most during the winter is “호떡 Hotteok” (Sweet Pancake), it is the most popular winter’s snack as well. Sweet Pancake is a flour dough pancake filled with syrup and cinnamon powder inside. And it is fried in high-temperature oil.

Just imagine how great it is when you are holding the hot sweet pancake to warm you up under freezing weather, and full of sweet syrup with flavor of cinnamon inside your mouth.

A cart of sweet pancake is easy to be seen at every corner in Honghae. Here are traditional one and fusion one, come to Hongdae and try it by yourself. Surely, it will be the best winter’s snack to you!

The fusion Sweet Pancake (호떡 Hotteok): Blueberry, Green Tea, Sweet Rice

Here are two Sweet Pancake (호떡 Hotteok) stalls as arrow shown on the map you can try in Hongdae.

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