Friday, November 25, 2016

Game Center @ Hongdae

Today, I would like to let you know another face/side of hongdae where you will have fun with your friends, lover, or kids and will recall your childhood memories (maybe for people from Asian countries).

When you want to continue your joy and fun after visiting Trick Eye 3D Museum, here is a place for you which is a 3-storey game center at Hongdae. The game center is located at the end of Eoulmadang-ro (어울마당로) toward Hapjeong area, next to car park. 

It occupies three levels of a whole building, so I'm sure that there are enough arcades for you, and it won’t be too crowded inside.


As you may have found many claw machines sitting in front of convenient stores in Korea, you would know how much Korean keen on a game of catching doll or other items/gifts with claw machines. Hence, you won’t be shocked to see one level of the game center is filled with lots of claw machines when you visit there.

Don’t worry $$$ since it just costs 500won ~ 1000won per one try. You won’t go broke on a premise of not being addicted to the games…lol!!

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