Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pork Knuckle (Jokbal)

Do you know what Jokbal means in Korean? It means Pork Knuckle and it is a must-eat food when you travel to Korea. Here is a Jokbal restaurant nearby Trick Eye Museum I would like to recommend, the restaurant name is Myth Jokbal, which is the most famous one at Hongdae. 

There are two flavors of pork knuckle: Original and Garlic

And the garlic one is a signature menu in Myth Jokbal. A juicy and soft pork knuckle is full with topping of mashed garlic. You must try it if you are garlic-lover. 

Salad and spicy noodle come with original pork knuckle or garlic pork knuckle  

How to get there? Go straight from Trick Eye Museum to Bershka, then cross the road and go straight, after passing the cross-road, you will see the restaurant on your left-hand side

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