Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Korean rice cake

Do you like Korean rice cake? (떡볶이) 
In Hongdae, There is a Teokbokki house that should visit at least once. This place is 또 보겠지 떡볶이집 (또 보겠지? 맛있으니까!). Its mean Teokbokki that we will meet again here ( because it's yummy) 
The main dish is Teokbokki and fried potato.

Inside was decorated with famous cartoon characters in every corners.  

The dish included rice cake, egg, noodle and vegetable  

after finish it you can ask for cooking rice with the left sauce and cheese on top !! 

How to get there : Subway 2 line at Hongik Univ. Station Exit.9  

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