Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hongdae Tiramisu

Hello, Everyone !! This week We will recommend the place for ice cream lover!
which is not far away form Trick Eye Museum. 

Come to Hongdae this time, you will see a lot of people hold something like ice cream in the something like wine glass. It's call Tiramisu. 
The small shop always crowed with sweet-loving people.   

We can see the way it make in the real time. Start with soft cream > cookie cracker  > coffee > sweet sugar > coco > soft cream > coco > chocolate !!   

If it's you first time, they will explain how to eat. After you eat all the top, stir the rest of Tiramisu together and enjoy the rest ;)   

How to find and get it !! 

Images are from the blog posting related to Hongdae TiramisuPlease contact us if there's any copyright issue. credit to ddw98153 @naver and

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