Thursday, July 14, 2016

Seoul Escape Room

Today, We will show you interesting stuffs around Trick Eye Museum !! 
This place is in Hongdae and not too far from TEM ~ 
Let see what it is~~~ 

The famous escape game! Now came to Hongdae !!
If you like to solve mysteries and escaping challenges, this place is for you!
We would like to introduce a Seoul Escape Room!
      You can visit Seoul Escape Room at Gangnam, Itaewon and Hongdae. Together the three of them form one storyline, with each branch introducing a different episode. 

Hongdae Location: (Subway) Hongik Univ. Station Exit.9/Exit.4 

How to play
You will need to make reservation in advance and to go early than reservation time to listen all the rules, learn how to unlock the key and how to use the LED light. After entering the room, you have to search for hints, solve problems and escape the room within 60 mins. In case you’re stuck, just look at CCTV screen and ask for a hint from the staff. 

-- Episode available at Hongdae Branch -- 

Chairman's Office 1 & 2 
Time Limit : 60 Mins  Player : 2-5  Difficulty : 3.5/5 
You're been framed and sentenced to life in prison, but luckily escaped from police. 
Now you're on the run and decide to flee to another country 
in hope to prove your state and get your life back. 
However, the police continues to chase you. You decide to call the old boss for help.
-Hey, where have you been? You're all over the news! Of course I believe you're innocent. Is there any way I can help?
-Humm.. a new passport and some cash huh? 
-Okay, meet me at my office at midnight. See you then.
After the conversation, you still feel uneasy about this.  Would you be able to escape with a new passport and have a new life? 

European Spy 
Time Limit : 60 Mins  Player : 2-5  Difficulty : 4/5 
Despite your ex-boss betrayal, you tried to escape the office and flee to city in Eastern Europe by using your new passport and identity. To get your life back, you decide to dedicate your life to finding out the identity of the "Serial Killer X", 
since it is the only way to prove your innocence. 
You hire a famous spy in Europe to search for "Serial Killer X". 
A week later, you receive a call. As you pick up the phone you hear a man's voice. 
"Help! Please come to 325-26 West bridge St. right now!!" 
You decide to go find out, but as soon as you arrive and enter the house, you immediately regret  as somebody locks the door from the outside. 

More information & Reservation 

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