Friday, April 29, 2016

Friends 2016 April WK 4

We are so sorry that we didn't update "TEM Freinds" last week.
We have selected some amazing photos taken in Trick Eye Museum.

1. @ iamdaveholton (IG) :
Three beautiful mermaids !
"#fbf to that time when, well...This happened. "

2. @ jipseegirl (IG) :
This picture is so cute, isn't it ?
Look ! there're two kids playiang with the dragon at the back also !
"The trickeye museum was so much fun !"

3. @ mle.dee (IG)
" I wanna be where the people are. I wanna see...wanna see them
4.lirianas (IG) :
At our Hong Kong Branch
" I did it, handstand "
5. chloengsh (IG)
That's amazing !^^ (At Singapore Branch)
"Levitating off the ground "


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