Thursday, March 31, 2016

Friends 2016 March WK5

Finally Week of March ! Such a long Month with on special Holiday hahaha but March still one of my favorite month because it's the beginning of spring !! I can't wait to see the cherry blossom this year ^^ and don't forget our event ! Cheery Blossom discount event until 15th April. Hope you guys enjoy cherry blossom season with Trick eye Museum !!

1. Kaiting Hearts

Cheng Kai Ting is a blogger from Singapore. She is a sporty girl who's very expressive, out going and straightforward. Her blog mainly about food, beauty, party, sport and travel, She visit Singapore Trick Eye Museum back in  November 2015. To view more photos, please click on the link above.

Rachel and Jeff is a duo who began a year of teaching English in South Korea and they travel around the world for 10 months. This blog include: travel posts, city reviews, food and many various adventure. They visited Hongdae Trick Eye Museum back in April 2012, TO view more photos, click on the link above. 

YingJie is from Singapore who writes about Singapore beauty , fashion and life style. 
She visited Trick Eye Museum back in July 2014. To see more photos, click on the link above.

see you next week ;) 


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