Thursday, March 24, 2016

Friends 2016 March WK 4

This week TEM visiting >>
Time flies ~ This is the 4th of March, hope you are all doing well !
               Besides blogs, lots of our friends shared their TRICKEYE moments with hashtags #trickeyemuseum, #trickeye on instagram .
Of course we have asked for permission before posting their photos here ^^
Here are some great pictures we have chosen this week. 

1. @chenaling (From Hawaii):
                            Save ME!!!                                      
2. @ka_reis (From Brazil):
     Just a funny pic ! 
 3. @ryanheng_98 (From Singapore) :
      Had an amazing horse racing experience with ma silly.
......PS: The guy at the front had a 500m head start 

                                                            4.@bethmarierushford :
                                                                 Ice castle and chill?
                                        (FYI, Ice Museum is available in Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae, Seoul) 

                                                                      5. @jojojo145
                                                                     So cute ^^

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