Thursday, February 4, 2016

Friends 2016 February WK1

Welcome to first week of February ;) Month of Love.
Are you ready for this Valentine? If you ask me if I ready or not, I would say not at all hahahaha. The reason that I'm not ready for the Valentine because I will show up at the museum on the Valentine day >< to meet my lovely visitors. It must be nice to see my visitor Valentine have fun at our place.

Here is this week TEM friends
Let's take a look

1. Wabbithon
Zelena is a student who writes about student life She visited Singapore back in October 2015, to view photos, please click on the ink above.

Ainslie is a writer, a new found creative, an evolving entrepreneur and frequent flyer based in Hong Kong. She visited Hong Kong Trick Eye Museum back in September 2015. To view more photos, click on the link above. 

Jolynn is a beauty blogger from Singapore. She always writes about make up, beauty and skin care but after she visited Singapore Trick Eye Museum on December 2015, she wrote about her life style in the museum just a dream. To see more photos, click on the link above.

See later ~ 

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