Thursday, December 24, 2015

Friends 2015 December WK4

Hohohoo~ First of all, I would like  to say "Happy Christmas!!!~" Hope you enjoy this holiday with family and friends ^^ I just back to Korea yesterday after finished my graduation ceremony~ a bit tired but happy to see you guys again ;)

Let see this week TEM visit!!

1. Geraldpng
Gerald is a lifestyle blogger. He is basically write about food, travel, tech, fashion and nature. He visited Singapore Trick Eye Museum back in November 2015. To see more photos, click om the link above.

2. Lanie in Korea  
Lanie is a Filipino who living in Korea. Her blog is about the places to visit in Korea. She visited Hongdae Trick Eye Museum back in September 2013. To view more Trick eye old artworks, click on the link above.

Cherry is a Filipina Blogger and a founding member of Mom Bloggers for Social Good. She visited Singapore Trick Eye Museum with her family back in October 2014. To see more photos and find out  "10 reasons why we love Trick Eye Museum", click on the link above. 

Stay tune ;)

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