Thursday, November 19, 2015

Friends 2015 November WK3

Hello ! Back to this time of the week again ;)
If you are in Korea right now, hope you enjoy the autumn. I can not stop once a while to pick up the fallen leaves, to collect a dried leaves in my diary. What a beautiful view~ You can see a yellow little leaves everywhere you go. 
Before I go too far, let's see this week TEM Visit!!

1. Lirongs 
Lirongs is a blogger from Singapore. The blog is about travel and many great recipes. She visited Singapore Trick Eye Museum on June 2014. To view more photos, click on the link above.

Carmen is a beauty blog form Hong Kong. You can read many beauty product reviews in her blog. She visited Hong Kong Trick Eye Museum back in April 2015. To view more photos, click on the link above. 

The poor travelers is a travel blog was make by Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos. The blog tells about traveler's experience. "The only thing we share with most travelers is the dive to see the world and we're out here to prove that ravel is for all. If we can, everyone can" said them. They visit Hongdae Trick Eye Museum back in January 2014. To see more photos, click on the link above. 

See again next week with reviews from Hongdae Singapore and Hong Kong ;) 


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