Wednesday, July 15, 2015

0715 Scratch-off Lottery Event Winner

A family visitors from the United States! They were very excited about our lottery event and happy for winning the first place prize! Congratulations!

Four ladies who visited us after seeing our discount coupon at the guest house. Especially their purpose of visit was because of our lottery event! :) So they asked us about the lottery ticket before even we handed them out, of course, they were excited too! Congratulations~

Visitors from China! They were very excited about our explanation of lottery event when we handed lottery out :) Congratulations!

Three friends who visited from Hong Kong. They were interested on Hanbok trial, but luckily they won the prize! Congratulations!

Our cute little visitors who visited us with their mother! They were excited as we let them know that the first place prize is Hanbok trial since they haven't took a picture with Hanbok on for long time. Congratulations!

That's it for today! Come join us and win the prize!! :)

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