Friday, May 22, 2015

Naksan Park

I feel like Seoul is gradually becoming a city of art; beautiful murals are found everywhere throughout Seoul including Hongdae, where Trick Eye Museum is located at. But out of all, "Naksan Park" (낙산공원) became a trend place for murals and its trails.  

As you follow the trails of Naksan Park, you'll be able to see opened view that is kind of hard to see in Seoul. This place sure has beautiful view of entire Seoul, including during the day where everything looks like toys, beautiful and amazing sunset, and the night views. 

But out of all, Naksan Park's must see items are the murals hidden all over the park. 

Naksan Park still have forms of Seoul before it was developed, but with the flower and sun are drawn on the wall, the village in the park turns into most gorgeous village.  

With the murals, let's return to the innocence of childhood. You can take pictures with the murals just like what Trick Eye Museum does!

And the night view that I talked about earlier of this posting. It's much pleasant since it's not crowded as Namsan Park :P 

Naksan Park is also located near Hyehwa Station (혜화역) line 4. Just take exit 2 at Hyehwa Station and after you pass Marronnier Park (마로니에공원), turn left - then Naksan Park trail starts :) To see how to get to Hyehwa Station, please click our previous posting on Daehak-ro

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