Wednesday, April 29, 2015

[TV] KBS2 News Time

[KBS2 News Time 3'36"-5'26]

Ice Museum was featured in KBS2 News on July 4, 2014. It talks about different way to get away from hot summer and where to spend summer vacation at. Also because of its coldness, it shows that Ice Museum is perfect getaway for hot weather.

Because of humidity, Korea's summer feels like much hotter. For example, even though it's 35C (95F), it may feels like 40C (104F)! Therefore, many people tries to find places where they can keep themselves cool something like beach, valley or somewhere with nice A/C. But in Ice Museum, this won't be a problem because we always keep the low temperature to maintain our Ice Museum. So when you're in Korea during the summer and looking for place to cool your sweats, visit Ice Museum - it will blow the summer heat for you.

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