Thursday, April 30, 2015

Keng Lye

Can you believe this octopus in the bowl is just a painting?

This amazing and unbelievable 3D painting was created by a Singapore based artist Keng Lye. He fills up the dish or bowl with epoxy resin and countlessly paints over with acrylic paint, which creates a hyperrealistic painting.

Look at its textures and details! Isn't this just look like an octopus pull off his head out from water? Could be somewhat dampy!

And here are more art works by Keng Lye to check out:

Isn't this all look real? I can't imagine how many time and effort Keng Lye puts into a single piece. Personally, my favorite one is goldfish and turtle. For goldfish, I just like it's color and setting, probably because it's the first Keng Lye's work that I've encountered. For turtle, hmm... maybe I have some kind of romance in Ninja Turtles from my childhood? Actually, I've had those little pet turtles when I was little but that's another story so I'll keep them for later.

Anyway, I'll keep update this amazing artist and, or arts time to time. Until then, bye!

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