Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trick Eye 2017 Carnival Game Zone

Welcome to 2017 with renewal Carnival Game zone !! 
Let  look inside !! 
the inside is colorful decoration you can enjoy the moment with friends and family members 

Challenge the dart game with more prize to win 
How many the balloons you can get in 10 darts? 
Let collect all big prize <3 

Experience the reality 3D visual with VR Zone ! 
Just sit and enjoy a thrill and exciting  adventure 
There are many themes waiting for you, Choose your own adventure ^^ 

How many balls can you throw in to the bin? 
simply and not that easy  >< 

Missing the old style games? 
Do you want to back to your childhood once again? 

Little  human on the giant chair! 
Would you like to be Alice in the wonderland ? 

1 comment:

  1. It surely is a fun plae to hang out. I went there on my visit to Seoul. I guess the experience should be savored if you are in town.